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You could "LOCK-IN" 2 out of 3 numbers correctly virtually

every time you played Daily Pick-3 Lotto!!

You only had to play eight sets of 3 number combo's to make all of the above happen!


Yes, we will give them to you and they are ALWAYS THE SAME! Now, you compare your state's winning number drawn that night for the Daily Pick-3 game with the eight combo's we gave you to play (read the next lines carefully!) ... one of the eight 3-number combo's will definitely have at least 2 winning numbers correct for that night's single number drawing in your state's Pick-3 game!!

We say again.

Example Only: (but keep in mind) these ARE NOT the

EIGHT SETS of secret number combinations that we will give you.


Important: You will never play any "double numbers"

with this method! Keep in mind, double numbers like 112, 334, 779, etc. may not come in as often. Most of the time it is single numbers as shown in the example above.

Now get this and hold onto your seat ... #9;

Yes, I know it's hard to believe! In fact, I could not believe it myself until I kept feeding them different 3-Number sets abouta thousand times. And guess what?

Every single doggone time ONE of the Eight sets of 3 single-number combinations had at least 2 numbers correct.

We checked one year of Picks in 9 states and again every single time... one of the Eight Sets of 3 single numbers had at least 2 numbers correct with many, many times hitting all 3.

IT MEANS you know you have a 1 in 10 chance of hitting a 3-Number box payoff which averages around $167 per hit in the USA. And you must also realize that the fixed odds given to you by your state's Pick-3 are 1-in-333 to hit a box bet. Now it is only 1-in-10 using what we call the new "Magic Pick-3 Combo 8 Special".

So you are asking yourself who came up with this miracle? Well, the Mr. Miracle Worker is none other than James Capisallo Now, believe me, if you lived in Atlantic City or know lots about gambling professionals, then James (Jim) Capisallo is sure to be a household name. In fact, do yourself a simple favor. Go look at Jim's new guide concerning ways to play at the casino...then you get an idea of his credentials. We and many others believe James Capisallo IS THE BEST GAMBLING MATHEMATICS EXPERT IN THE WORLD TODAY! See for yourself in Jim's latest guide the: TIER-1 METHOD FOR SLOTS. But first, please read on...

What Jim has done with the Daily Pick-3 lotto game is no less than remarkable. He has adjusted numbers in such a way that makes it virtually impossible for you not to get at least TWO out of 3 different single number Pick-3's correct in the Pick-3 game and doing it with the exact sets of eight combinations. No more than 8 combo's! PERIOD!! Just imagine the power you will have over your state's lotto game when you have a "lock" every day on at least 2 numbers out of 3 drawn!!

Do you realize from now on you will have a whopping 1 in 10 chance that you will pick all 3 single-digit numbers correctly? Yes, yes a 1 chance in 10 instead of a 1-in 333 chance to hit a 3-number box combo because you only have one number left and one number has only 10 chances to hit! So now you are asking yourself "What about straight hits that can pay around $500 and up?" Well, the simple answer to that question is this: When you get a solid 100% "Lock" on 2 out of 3 numbers, don't worry about straight hits ... They're gonna be there!

So now let's try and comprehend what we have just said: We'll, let's put it this way to really jolt you. Read my lips: Every time you play and single numbers hit (which they typically hit the most often) then ... from now on using only our EIGHT 3-NUMBER COMBINATIONS, one of them will have 2 out of 3 numbers right! We GUARANTEE it or we will pay you a 100% refund of your fee!! Beat That!!

Yes, these are all black and white, solid 100% true statements you are reading. If you think for one second that none of this is true, then ask yourself this. How in the world can we offer a 100% refund of your fee guarantee if it was not true? Think about that and think about the laws we would be breaking if we were not on the up & up with you!

This was probably the hardest part we had to try and figure out. This is how we came to our conclusion. First, we figured that people who would value a product like ours have to be currently spending somewhere in the neighborhood of at least $20.00 to $50.00 a week on Daily Pick-3 Lotto. Are we close?

Should this be the case, with 52 weeks in a year, you would be spending between $1500 & $2500 on average of our $2000 with very few hits. Why? Because no one has what we have got in the way we've got it. What we do have is so strong in its "Sure-Win" power of hitting so constantly that we say to you again ... "You've just got to see it work to believe it. Who would have every conceived it was possible to play just Eight, 3-Number combinations and every single time, when any 3 different single numbers pop, as they can do most often, that 2 out of 3 numbers will definitely be 2 of the winning numbers drawn 100% of the time!

Please Listen Carefully: When you've got a lock on 2 numbers of 3 constantly, you don't have to be a genius odds maker or mathematician to realize that your 3rd number is also going to be the winning number drawn quite often.

Remember from now on that your odds have fallen to a mere 1 out of 10 to hit the big payoff in single number drawings! Do you understand what this means? It means this: You've got 2 numbers locked so all you need is a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 0 to win. How hard can it be hitting the payoffs 3, 4 or 5 times a month? Maybe even more?

Now maybe you can believe what we have been saying all along. We have found a miracle. Almost no one but no one would every think 2 out of 3 winning numbers can be chosen by only playing 8 combos. Ask your friends if they think it could be done and they will tell you that you're nuts! Do you blame them? But who cares what they think when you and I definitely know that it really does work!

So getting back to the price. We feel, no, WE KNOW this is worth a fortune to anyone playing numbers. But we also know that if we charged you, let's say, $1,000 for this secret without seeing it, then we might have a problem.

So we have decided to charge you a reasonable, but not a "give away price" (such as $20 or $30). No, No you can buy those systems all day long. Frankly we could not sleep nights if we just "gave it away." Besides, we don't want thousands and thousands of people to possess these "secret" 8-set number combinations.

Our more-than-reasonable price for this valuable information for you is just $97.00. We will also, as stated previously, give you an unheard of ...

...if you can find a better 8 number combo method anywhere (see written guarantee statements).

O.K. This is it! It's time to take action. Do it and

do it now! You will thank us for years to come when you're practically driving down the street in your new Caddy to the corner store getting your winning tickets every night! Hey that's not hard to take, is it?

features a built-in "fail-safe mechanism!" The Magic Pick-3 Combo 8 Special principles are made up of an iron-clad, virtually "no-lose" betting manipulation that just does not fail!This newly discovered "Magic Pick-3 Combo 8 Special" number combination is so powerful and unique that you have never seen anything quite like it in your entire life! What makes it unique is its simplicity – A simple, SOLID METHOD that can generate...


in a short time. Tested and proven in thousands of results to show an astounding success rate, it is one of the most powerful money-making methods ever!


By the time you finish reading this letter, you will likely be astonished...because this sensational opportunity is FOR REAL, and because it is now available to YOU for the first time! YOUR chance to take some real riches out of your state's Daily Pick-3 lotto game! Sales will be limited to a strick first-come, first-serve basis – so please don't waste time!

Your friend and inventor of the new "Magic Pick-3 Combo 8 Special",

Jim Capisallo


The information you are reading right now can be worth a great deal of money to you. It is only natural for you to ask, "Why?"

The reason is that you now have the opportunity to virtually assure a profitable outcome playing Pick-3 Lotto most anywhere. The "Magic Pick-3 Combo 8" Special for Daily Pick-3 Lotto can set you up for a lifetime of profits ... easily, quickly, at almost no risk ... and can let you really enjoy the good life!

At Last, Steady Profits ... (for real) Take your own fate in your hands and start winning right away. The "Magic Pick-3 Combo 8" Special has been developed from years of playing experience. It has been polished and refined to utter simplicity that any Lotto player can use profitably. It's built-in "fail-safe" mechanism assures that any player who uses it correctly can walk away with a lot more money than he started with. That kind of profit is nothing to sneeze about!

Fact ... Not Fiction!

The "Magic Pick-3 Combo 8" bases its entire strategy on solid, statistically proven truths about numbers. The statistics have already been researched and proven – meaning that YOU can operate the "Magic Pick-3 Combo 8" Special with ease and simplicity.

The simplicity of the "Magic Pick-3 Combo 8" Special virtually guarantees that every player who follows its simple procedures can come away a big winner!








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All Yours FREE when you order the enclosed offer within the next 10 days!

Still Not Convinced To Order The "Magic Pick-3 Combo 8" Special ?

You May Be Saying To Yourself ... "I've Got To Think About It For A Few Days Or Weeks More."

Well, If That's The Case Then ... Please Read The Important Message Below Nice and Slowly!

And Drum It Into Your Head!


Or maybe you simply just forgot these three (3)

"little" things we talked about? ... Let's go over them just one more time before you really decide to pass-up what your future might hold.

  1. You only play 8 sets of numbers the way we say (that's eight sets of 3 numbers in each set)!
  2. One of the eight sets of 3-number combo's will definitely have
    at least 2 winning numbers correct (in any order), out of the 3 numbers drawn providing there are no match/double numbers drawn (e.g. 446 or 555)!
  3. Remember again, that single numbers (e.g. 431, 782 or 158) can come in most often – and that's why our lotto number combinations work like a charm!

  4. You can start with peanuts, meaning even with 50 cent tickets x eight tickets a day (only $4.00 daily investment), then you can be on your way to achieving huge success in virtually no time at all!

Now please go back and stop procrastinating!

DO something for yourself for a change. Do you realize that it only takes ONE word to change your life and that word is called:

Now please,

Go back and order now and "start" waking up to the good life by as early as next week!

And have a blast playing it & winning more playing Pick-3 Lotto than you could have ever thought possible!


You've seen the enclose material of "Magic Pick-3 Combo 8 Special." You've heard what others had to say! You've seen the winning potential and huge profitability! It's time you became part of this unique group of players who will receive and use "Magic Pick-3 Combo 8 Special" to practically win thousands over the next few years. You can and should be part of this elite group ... shouldn't you?

Give careful consideration about ordering this offer. It is like non you've ever seen before! Frankly, it is a chance of a lifetime! Remember ... you must take one very important step to achieve success. It's called START! Start now. Order today or first thing tomorrow morning! Once you put in your order in the mail (or FAX it to us) two important things will happen to you immediately. 1) You started ... 2) You can make a fortune (shortly).




"Magic Pick-3 Combo 8 Special" will be sold on a strict first-come, first-serve limited basis. Limits will be set according to areas of the country. After a limited number of copies have been sold, no more will be sold for a period of 6 months. We cannot cancel these limited conditions per request of the author. We are under strict contract from the author to abide by his distributing conditions.


To ensure strict, limited quantities, the author has set the price for "Magic Pick-3 Combo 8 Special" at a very reasonable amount ... bearing in mind ... the true value should be in the thousands! "Magic Pick-3 Combo 8 Special" will sell for $97.00 fee (firm) plus $3 priority shipping & handling = $100.00 and no other publisher (contracted) will be allowed to sell "Magic Pick-3 Combo 8 Special" at any discount price ... now or in the future! We think that's only fair!


You must have 2 out of 3 winning numbers drawn correctly in one of the eight combos each and every time 3 different single-digit numbers are chosen using the "Magic Pick-3 Combo 8 Special" according to our instructions in any state's Daily Pick-3 Numbers Game or we will refund 100% of your fee!

Yours Truly,

James Capisallo


Order the "Magic Pick-3 Combo 8 Special" secret combo's now! You'll receive our complete, easy-to-read guide, plus, if we receive your order in the next 10 days you will also receive as our gift a handy wallet-sized plastic card with the 8 secret combo numbers imprinted so that you can carry them with you anywhere!


Order Now and you can also get the software that will automate the process of selecting your "Magic Pick-3 Combo 8 Special" numbers ... for each game that you choose to play! Every single boxed and wheel combinations are all fully covered. Plus, you can even create and save your own unique individual profiles. This custom software is a powerful tool designed to help you win faster!

Win-Track.com All Rights Reserved 2006