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Now You Can WIN UP TO $7,000 In Just 7 Days!! With The “LUCKY” PICK-3 LOTTO SYSTEM!



The “Lucky-3” System is positively the BIGGEST BREAKTHROUGH in Lottery playing history! This simple, ingenious system is the brain-child of Vegas gambling “master”, Steve Markus. His system is incredible! You can win $6,000 or more in just 7 days and it will only cost you $18.00 to $36.00 to buy the tickets!

You simply apply the “Lucky-3” system “secrets” in your state’s daily Pick-3 numbers game. You just pick ANY ONE of the three numbers that is drawn that
night AND YOU WIN BIG MONEY!! That’s How Simple It Is!!

Case-In-Point: Let’s say that you decide to choose the number 6 and your number 6 is picked as one of the 3 winning numbers that night in the daily Pick-3 numbers game in your state, then “B-I-N-G-O”!! YOU WIN!

Now get this! The number 6 can be in any position! FIRST, SECOND or THIRD, because, no matter what position the number 6 comes in, YOU’RE STILL GOING TO WIN!! . . . and it works in every daily Pick-3 and Win-3 numbers game in every state!!

This remarkable system requires no prior experience playing combinations of numbers. No, No. This system can be played by newcomers as well as seasoned pros! It takes only minutes to read and understand the formula’s simple instructions before you play it for real! And then you can WIN FOR REAL!!

During our rig-or-ous “kick the tires”, “take it for a spin” test drive period, the “Lucky-3” formula was given to 145 players, most of which were first-time players!

Get this . . . most won over $4,000 in less than one week! And let it be shouted out loud! They all invested no more than $36.00 TOPS TO START!

We must tell you again. All you gotta do to win is to pick “ONE” . . . just one number anywhere out of the 3 numbers drawn. So, if the numbers drawn are,
let’s say . . . . 1-3-6 and you picked either 1 or 3 or 6, then you win!

If you do nothing else today, do yourself one favor and it’s this . . . . take a look in your daily paper and see for yourself what the payoffs are daily for a 3
number HIT! That alone should more than ever convince you that our figures shown here in this letter are completely genuine!

We are not talking about winning a few dollars a day. Oh, no! We’re talking about winning crispy, crunchy 100 dollar bills day after day after day. Now
that’s exciting, ISN’T IT?!  Plus, to make it super-easy we are now offering you the PC Software as well!


The “Lucky-3” System is not just an ordinary betting system based on playing a “KEY” Number strategy wagering technique. NO, NO, NO!! The “Lucky-3” System goes a lot further! It has to go further! WHY? Because it can win around $7,000 a week AND ONCE MORE . . . . starting with only a $36.00 investment! You can bet your bottom dollar this is no ordinary little, tiny BOX-BET plan that makes only a few bucks at a time! This plan wins “BIG BUCKS”
every time!!

YES. You can master the Lottery “Pick-3” game. It’s easy! It’s fun and most important, it can change the way you play FOREVER.  AND, to make it even easier for you - we now off the PC Software as well!

Hundreds and hundreds of first-time players are currently using the “Lucky-3” Lottery system to greatly enhance their lives. Yes, it’s 100% legal and there
is nothing your State Lottery can do to stop you from winning with it!

The decision is up to you! You can keep playing in the dark or throw darts on a bunch of numbers on your wall OR you can pull this “rabbit out of a hat” and master the power of number alignment to its maximum benefits.

If you have been frustrated by almost hitting the right sequence of numbers, coming close to but still wind up losing . . . FOR GOODNESS SAKE, get up andorder the “Lucky-3” system now.  If you do this and nothing else today, YOU WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE BY NEXT WEEK!


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